Welcome to KRAVE

Your Exotic Tea Oasis in Raleigh, NC

Immerse yourself in a unique and calming atmosphere at Krave. Since 2015, we’ve provided a remarkable escape from the ordinary, serving up the centuries-old tradition of Kava from the heart of the South Pacific. Founded by UNC Chapel Hill alumni Elizabeth Gardner, Krave offers an alternative to conventional evening beverages with a healthier and tranquil twist.

Step into Krave and experience:

  1. Authentic Kava: Journey to the tropical islands of Vanuatu and Fiji with every sip of our calming Kava tea. Handcrafted from additive-free ground aged kava root, our tea is a tribute to the serene island lifestyle and a doorway to tranquility.
  2. A Welcoming Environment: Step into serenity at Krave, your go-to space for relaxation. Leave your stress at the door, and enjoy our soothing, alcohol-free environment. Krave is open seven days a week for adults 18 years and above.
  3. Historical Tradition, Modern Sensation: Join the ranks of the global Kava enthusiasts as you enjoy your tea, explore our elegantly displayed tribute to these community’s who’ve enjoyed this traditional drink.

Experience the flavor of tradition, the comfort of community, and the peace of a tranquil moment. Visit us at Krave β€” “Sip, Relax, and Krave More.” 🐸🍡